Так, у мене справді немає Microsoft Word

В мене немає Microsoft Word

Любий читачу, цей факт не повинен вас дивувати. Я не користуюся програмним забезпеченням Microsoft Office з кількох причин.

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Нові слова які українці вивчили (на практиці) за останні чотири місяці


Ця стаття буде доповнюватися в міру необхідності. Якщо вважаєет за необхідне щось додати — пишіть.

TODO: тітушка, революція гідності, люстрація, легітимність

Громадський, громадянський

Громадський, що походить від іменника громада, означає «належний до певного колективу людей»: «Громадських людей кликали цінувати» (Марко Вовчок); «Тут кінчалося місто і далі лежав уже громадський вигін, на якому стояли гамазеї з хлібом» (П. Панч).
Громадянський вказує на суспільство або людність цілої країни, на все громадянство, що підлягає законам країни й виконує пов’язані з цим обов’язки. Від цього маємо вислови: громадянські права, громадянська війна, цебто війна різних класів одного суспільства, тощо. [http://slovopedia.org.ua/34/53395/33200.html]

Прикладами останніх днів були

  • ГромадськеTV (http://hromadske.tv/),
  • громадянська солідарність на Майдані,
  • громадянське суспільство, яке ми намагаємося збудувати.


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Anchor animation in QML

Some time ago I was looking for clear way to provide anchor animation in QML.
First of all,

AnchorAnimation can only be used in a Transition and in conjunction with an AnchorChange. It cannot be used in behaviors and other types of animations.

But I want to have some pattern-like way to provide all animations inside project.

Now, I want to share my results, hope someone find it usefull.

Here is picture of how I done all:

What I’ve done in few words:

  • Created fakeLeftItem and anchored it to left of my main view
  • Explicitly set fakeLeftItem‘s width and heigth (if that fakeLeftItem is only for leftPanel, we can set its size to leftPanel‘s size). fakeLeftItem must be invisible, but we must understand that it is outside our main view.
  • leftPanel anchored to the top and to the bottom of main.
  • Next moment is anchoring of left side of leftPanel. It can be anchored to leftFakeItem.left — so panel will be hide; and to the main.left — so panel will be visible.

To animate anchor changes, I added states into leftPanel:

states: [ State {
  name: "show"
  AnchorChanges { 
    target: leftPanel
    anchors.left: parent.left 
 State {
  name: "hide"
  AnchorChanges { 
    target: leftPanel
    anchors.left: fakeLeftPanel.left 
  }} ]

Add animation effect on anchor changes is quite simple:

transitions: Transition {
  AnchorAnimation { duration: 200 }

Thats all. Here you can seee whole qml-file: http://pastebin.com/b1C7vTbQ.

Evolus Pencil on Debian Jessie

There is no Firefox package in Debian. You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Corporation_software_rebranded_by_the_Debian_project

If you found this article, it means that you tried to install Pencil from officially provided deb-package (today it is http://code.google.com/p/evoluspencil/downloads/detail?name=evoluspencil_2.0.5_all.deb&can=2&q=label%3A2.0.5+OpSys-Linux).

Generally, dpkg can not resolve firefox-dependency. I do not see any advantages of Firefox over Iceweasel. Keep in mind, that you can have only one of that applications — Firefox or Iceweasel. So I don’t want to install Firefox. Instead, I updated my Iceweasel guided by http://mozilla.debian.net/:

You need to add the following entry in /etc/apt/sources.list or a new file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/:

deb http://cdn.debian.net/debian unstable main
deb http://cdn.debian.net/debian experimental main

You can install it with the following commands:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install -t experimental iceweasel

After that, I avoid firefox dependency in Pencil by simple swapping firefox to iceweasel in deb-package next way (as described here http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=106325):

Basically what you have to do is extract the files from the deb

dpkg-deb -R file.deb temp-dir

Then edit DEBIAN/control and remove the firefox occurrence from the dependency list.

After that you repackage the deb

dpkg-deb -b temp-dir file-mod.deb

Once you’ve done that the installation should go smoothly and you can see if it works and in case it doesn’t, what errors it gives you.

[EN] Typical workflow with GitHub on shared project


I found this very strange, that all around the Internet there are lot of articles on how to do some extended techniques using git. But nowhere can find short, simple and easy recommendations on how to use GitHub to work on shared project.

This article is effort to describe typical workflow on shared project using git on GitHub.
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[UA] Типовий підхід до роботи над спільним проектом засобами GitHub


В Інтернеті є багато статей про те як користуватися git, є дуже багато статей про різного роду складні і вичурні техніки використання git.

Але, чомусь, ніде не знайшов толкового, простого і зрозуміло розписаного підходу до роботи засобами git над спільним проектом на GitHub.

Ця стаття — спроба описати підходу до роботи засобами git над спільним проектом на GitHub.

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[EN] Using scons with QtCreator (on Mixxx example)


Mixxx has everything you need to start making DJ mixes in a tight, integrated package.”

We’ll try to compile it and by the way, understand how to make QtCreator use scons build system instead of qmake. Why not use qmake? SCons is implemented as a Python script and set of modules, and SCons “configuration files” are actually executed as Python scripts. This gives SCons many powerful capabilities not found in other software build tools. Here is SCons vs other build tools.

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[EN] Rendering DPI in Qt’s WebKit


Some time ago, I stuck on reading manuals trying to find correct and clear way to enlarge DPI of images rendered by WebKit (in Qt).

If you need to render HTML page in your Qt app, you can use widgets that use QTextDocument, such as QLabel and QTextEdit. But all of them support limited subset of HTML 4 and CSS 2.1 (Qt Project — Supported HTML Subset). But if you need to use some more complicated things (or even some typical CSS styles) excluded from that list, you should use WebKit (WebKit in Qt).

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[EN] FIXME story

Got some complaint from customer. My program got strange and unexpected behavior in some cases. It is needed to solve that problem.

When I find that peace of code, where problem happened, I become very confused and surprised.

In that code I find next line:

// FIXME: show msg after dbmanager say OK

I’m a bit embarrassing, but in the same time proud, that wrote that FIXME, respectively, thought forward…


  • Always write lot of TODO, FIXME, WARN,... in doubtful situations.
  • Always try to decrease amount of TODO, FIXME, WARN,... by avoiding all that issues (especially, FIXME).
  • Think on architecture of software.

Fuzzy queries to relational databases [EN]

Translation of article BaseGroup Labs — Нечеткие запросы к реляционным базам данных (Nikolay Palkin)

[D R A F T]


Mechanisms of fuzzy queries (fuzzy queries, flexible queries) to relational databases are based on the Zadeh theory of
fuzzy sets, first proposed in 1984 and subsequently developed in works of Dubois, Prada.

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