[EN] FIXME story

Got some complaint from customer. My program got strange and unexpected behavior in some cases. It is needed to solve that problem.

When I find that peace of code, where problem happened, I become very confused and surprised.

In that code I find next line:

// FIXME: show msg after dbmanager say OK

I’m a bit embarrassing, but in the same time proud, that wrote that FIXME, respectively, thought forward…


  • Always write lot of TODO, FIXME, WARN,... in doubtful situations.
  • Always try to decrease amount of TODO, FIXME, WARN,... by avoiding all that issues (especially, FIXME).
  • Think on architecture of software.

Fuzzy queries to relational databases [EN]

Translation of article BaseGroup Labs — Нечеткие запросы к реляционным базам данных (Nikolay Palkin)

[D R A F T]


Mechanisms of fuzzy queries (fuzzy queries, flexible queries) to relational databases are based on the Zadeh theory of
fuzzy sets, first proposed in 1984 and subsequently developed in works of Dubois, Prada.

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